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Project Management in China

Project Management

Understanding and application of the system

Excellent project management is as major part of the organisation development and essential for being fast, economical and innovative.

We have been using the powerful tools of Project Management for a number of years with great success in China.

We define project management as an equal understanding and application of systemic and systematic actions by all parties. Our consulting methods and concepts will help it become reality in your company.

Our services:

1. Corporate project management training based on actual real-life projects of the company

  • Participants learn project management based on their own topics and can apply the results immediately in their daily business
  • Decision makers are involved in the implementation of the findings from the training in the daily work
  • Cooperation on projects leads to interactions, develops common language and orientation towards the establishment of project culture

2. Project consulting

  • We advise and assist decision makers, project leaders and project members in all phases of the project realisation
  • We advise you on implementation of project management within your organisation

3. Coaching:

  • We coach project leaders and teams in the implementation phase and throughout the entire project



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