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Change Management in China

Change Management

Changing for good

We design comprehensive change processes according to the specific needs of your organisation, planning for you and with you. We assist and support you throughout the process.

We have been working in China for years, providing our expertise in complex change processes to companies large and small and in various business fields. We helped them change in such a way that the changes were not only welcome but truly appreciated.With our help they were able to establish and sustain their new company culture, meet time and budget targets and show measurable improvement.

Change has many faces and names. We know them well:

  • New direction, culture and processes in joint ventures and acquisitions of existing companies in China
  • New direction, culture, processes and company integration in start up of new companies in China
  • Improvement of process quality and flexibility
  • Fusion of business units
  • Improvement of controlling systems

And we know how to deal with them:

  • Vision and strategy
  • Introduction of new direction processes
  • Process optimisation
  • Merger management support
  • Introduction of new management and organisation culture
  • Introduction of controlling systems and new key figures
  • Implementation of matrix structures
  • Development of company missions and group communication structures
  • Implementation of project management
  • Establishing of internal consulting competence

For your lasting benefit:

Successful change projects lead to optimised efficiency, measurable results as well as long-term solutions and the spirit of a learning organisation.



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