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Solution and confidence

Our coaching is solution oriented focused on the clients’ targets and future. We concentrate on reaching solutions however difficult the situation and not just on problem analysing or finger pointing.

It is a pragmatic, effective and successful approach applied in business and social areas alike.

Our attitude as a coach is governed by absolute respect towards each person.

Our coaching services:

Top Executive Coaching

  • Designed for top executives facing difficult organisational and personnel challenges, e.g. change management, strategic decisions etc.

Management Coaching

  • Meant for managers of various levels (department head, project manager, group leader etc.) who desire to develop their own leadership style. Our coaching helps them deal with critical situations in the daily work and face problems related to personnel.

Team Coaching

Designed for teams facing problems, challenges and conflicts of the everyday business. Our team coaching helps:

  • Create dynamic energy leading to commitment and enthusiasm within the team
  • Hold smoother, more efficient and target oriented meetings, workshops and projects
  • Solve conflicts within teams

Personal Coaching

  • Addresses personal matters needing individual solutions, e.g. expatriates working in Chinese environment long-term or preparing to be sent back; future career decisions etc.

The solution oriented coaching was conceived and developed as brief therapy by Insoo Kim Berg, Steve de Shazer and their colleagues and clients at the Milwaukee Brief Family Therapy Centre in the early 1980s.




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