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Organisation Development
We provide solutions - custom made with intercultural competence - for organisational development to all companies - already present in China, just being set up or at the planning stage.


Change Management
According to companies’ specific needs we design, plan and help implement change processes. Regardless of the size and business we help companies meet all targets and develop new company culture .


Business Development
China’s rapid development attracts investors from all over the world. With years of experience in China and European roots we help you find opportunities for business development.


Process Optimisation
Effective processes are vital for company's success. We help staff optimise the existing processes and create new ones in order to achieve the best results and meet new challenges.


Staff - Teams
We help develop new approach towards work by pointing out the existing potential and talents, encouraging to take initiative in pursuit of company goals.


Regardless of the level of your managers we coach them to become competent leaders, inspiring and motivating their teams.


Project Management
Project management is crucial in organisation development. We offer tailor-cut consulting methods providing help and real-life solutions.


Focused on reaching solutions even in most difficult situations our coaching is not just a problem analysing . We offer efficient brief coaching for lasting solutions on many levels designed to the clients' specific needs.




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